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Employment with the State of Florida

This employment application is to be used only if you are

is a major employer in Florida
offering many challenging and rewarding career opportunities. Included among the many advantages of working for the State are the diverse and interesting job opportunities as well as competitive salaries, benefits, and career mobility.
Employees with the fall into a variety of different and autonomous personnel systems each with their own set of rules and regulations,
employment application is used to apply for vacancies within thePersonnel System.
Mostjobs are in the pay plan. The provides uniform pay, job
classification, benefits and recruitment for the majority of non-managerial jobs within state agencies. The
Temporary jobs employees receive an hourly wage

but no benefits such as insurance, leave, or retirement.
agencies are agencies
in which jobs do not fall under the pay plans
and their employment procedures may differ.
These employers may or may not accept the
employment application. Additionally, their job titles and salaries may not be comparable to those in the  Personnel System.

How to Search for Vacancies
Individualare responsible for announcing their job vacancies and making hiring decisions. Generally, agencies accept job applications for advertised vacancies only. However, agencies may accept applications
for certain positions on a continuous basis. A completed employment application is required for each job vacancy to which you apply.
There are several ways for you to obtain state job vacancy information:
• Access  job information web site on the Internet at:
• ContactPersonnel System agencies directly for information regarding their employment opportunities.
• Contact job information on and other employment opportunities.

How to Market Yourself Prior to completing an application for any job, gather specific information
about the duties of the job and relevant knowledge, skills and abilities required by carefully reviewing the job vacancy announcement or by contacting the employing agency, if necessary.
Use this information to ensure your application, cover letter, resume and other supporting materials address how your experience and education fulfill these requirements.

How Candidates are Selected
The first step an employing agency takes in the selection process is to review the applications which have been received to determine who
is eligible to compete further in the selection process. Job-related criteria are used to determine those applicants who will be asked to participate in additional assessment steps such as an oral interview, a work sample exercise, or a proficiency test. The job-related information gained during the selection process will assist the hiring official

If, because of a disability, you require a special accommodation to participate in the application and selection process, please notify the hiring authority in advance.